A break in the weather


So I figure I am about up to 5 or 6 months, which is about when Rafi started sitting up and both boys started holding their own bottles. This was such an exciting milestone for me that I felt I had to post photos of it all over Facebook. Twins holding own bottles was to me like letting the poor dog off the leash in the park. Me being the dog. While I was hugely proud of this accomplishment, both boys would go on to disappoint me bitterly by walking early. Twins and they walk early. Really? Thankfully I had the foresight to invest in a massive 2 by 1 meter play pen which would become my saviour and the boys’ nemesis.

Around this time I had two breaks from the circus, both of about 36 hours. One of great pleasure and one of excruciating pain.

One Saturday night about 6pm I began to get pain in my stomach that slowly escalated to labour-like proportions. We lived across the road from a major hospital so I walked myself to the emergency room. WALKED myself to emergency I said. So it turned out that all the squishing that my boys had done to my poor insides had resulted in gall stones that I had to have out. Is it sad that I was super excited that I got to stay in hospital OVERNIGHT? I had the best sleep of my life. The nurse commented in the morning that I had had a big sleep and I said I have 4 month old twins. She looked at me with this awe-like expression and went…ohhhhh. It was like I’d said I’m about to crack the cancer cure. That was the night in emergency. The actual night I spent after the surgery I was blessed to have the world’s most resonant snorer in the bed next to me and slept not one wink. Frickin karma.

The other 36 hour break was a visit to Sydney that I still can’t quite believe I did. Yes that’s right, I left my husband with 5 month old twins and a 3 year old and jaunted off to Sydney to meet a friend who was taking me to the opening night of STC’s Uncle Vanya. Breathing the same air as Richard Roxburgh, Hugo Weaving, Jackie Weaver, Jon Bell and of course, my girl crush Cate versus leaving my husband up to his ears in baby, it was a no brainer, but I do still carry some guilt about it. God bless that man. I even got to meet Cate and babble some nonsense to her about also being married to an Andrew (CRINGE!) and having twin boys. I always fantasised about having twins she said. Be careful what you wish for I said. I touched Rich Rox’s back as I squeezed past him in the crowd and tried not to spill my wine on him. Melt. I gaped at Hugo’s actual face up close but had no guts to talk to him. After chugging enough aforementioned wine I did have the guts to talk to Dan Wyllie and tell him the stage production of Cloudstreet in which he played Fish was one of the greatest things I’d ever seen. I think by this stage I was past caring if I looked and sounded like a groupie. Hi Hugo.

My 36 hours in Sydney reminded me that life goes on, cool and fun things still happen and while I was entering what would probably turn out to be one of the most stressful few years of my life, that me and Andrew would go on, life would go on and cool and fun things will continue to happen to us.



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