Blame it on the booger



It seems to be the culprit for all unexplainable baby and toddler behaviour. Not sleeping, not eating, not drinking, nappy rash, face rash, generally cranky, dribbling, tantrums, rubbing eyes, rubbing ears, head banging, runny nose, runny eyes, fever and the Global Financial Crisis. Honestly, I have to stifle an eye roll every time someone tsk tsks at my grumpy babies and says helpfully, are they teething? And really, how the hell would I know? I long ago stopped paying attention to such things. I have too much on my plate to be shoving my finger in their mouths very five minutes in anticipation of a tell tale bump on the gums. Twin two had a mouthful of molars before I even realised anything was going on. Must have been what all that diarrhoea was about. Robin Barker, author of Baby Love sold me when she said “Teething causes nothing but teeth”.

After a bit of a half hearted google search tonight, I came up with all the usual suspects (see list above) but the best advice was from “Celebrate your baby’s first tooth by taking lots of pictures, and note its arrival date in his baby book”

…….sorry, big pause. Just trying to catch my breath from laughing. Sentimental about teeth and keeper of baby books I am not. One of the biggest milestone celebrations my husband and I had was the first time Archie walked through the lounge room on his way to the bathroom declaring he was going to the toilet. A process which involved neither of us getting up off the couch. Now that’s worth putting in the baby book.

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  1. “And really, how the hell would I know?”

    I love this. When my doctor/mom/friend/co-worker/stranger asks me if one of my girls (7.5 months) is teething I think.. “It’s not like they can tell me?!”

    Thank you.

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