Do I know you?


So, today was invasion of the body snatchers at my place. Trouble was tottering around with a benign smile on his face, quiet and gentle as a lamb, looking at books, cuddling me, making cute (quiet) noses and comforting his SCREAMING brother with gentle pats and gorgeous twin cuddles. The brother, on the other hand, was out of control. Inconsolable. What the hell? They used to do it as little babies when they would plot to take turns all day with sleeping and crying. OK, I’ve been screaming now for about an hour, that’s my shift done, can you cover me here while I nap? I am SURE they planned it. Not only that, but they seem to have split personalities at day care. Screaming? No, not really. Head banging? Only once. Inconsolable crying? Never. High voltage play? No, they’re quiet as mice. Excuse me, are we talking about the same twins?

My oldest decided a good game to play so that he would be able to get an equal measure of my attention until Daddy came home, would be “Upstairs Downstairs”. This involved me running upstairs to watch Octonaughts with him, then running downstairs to the playroom to comfort the twins, then back upstairs for Grandpa in my Pocket then back downstairs to stop the head banging. Upstairs for Giggle and Hoot, downstairs for screaming intervention, upstairs, downstairs…and so on. Funnily enough, it was kinda fun.

So we look ahead to another rainy weekend with great dread here, not sure what terrors the next 48 hours will hold. Will we head to Bunnings (again) because of the little playground? Will we brave it indoors with board books and Fisher Price our only weapons? Will we strip them off and let mud and nature take its course in the yard? Or will we just break the bank and take them all to Lollipops for the entire weekend, perhaps even beg them to let us sleep there?


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