Baby steps


I guess I skipped over a little section of time in my retrospective blog abut the twins form birth. I am now up to 18 months (now) but kind of skipped about a year there. It’s amazing how fast things go in hindsight and how slow when you are in the thick of it.

The twins have gone from this

to this

in a mere 555 days. Yup. The blink of an eye.

We celebrated their first birthday by going out for cocktails with friends. After all I figured, as if they would remember what we did for their first birthday. And to be honest, what had they done other than eat, cry and sleep? OK yes there was growth and development and smiling and walking and all that, but seriously, it was me and my husband who really achieved something. We had made it through double night feeds, double nappy wars, double dribble, and we STILL like each other and want to hang out. I was so proud of us for that. Very proud. And those cocktails tasted so good.

So we’re looking ahead to 2012 as what we have both agreed will probably be our most difficult. We’re not pessimists, but we know what that year 1.5 – 2.5 is like and let’s just say we’ve done the math. This year will be hard, but I am also looking forward to lots of markers in the road. We’ll go to big boy beds sometime, the high chairs will go, I’ll be able to drop off and pick up from day care without the whole in-the-pram-out-of-the-pram routine. It may be ambitious to say we may lose the pram and generate a fledgling interest in the toilet this year, but I live in hope.

Part of me cautiously entertains an easing of the stress in our lives, part of me is quivering in a dark corner. Without fail though, when I look at that first photo, my absolute favourite, I am moved to tears every single time. Those are the two little angels that I held so close in the hospital, the faces I was so desperate to see. The second photo captures the faces that drive me almost out of my mind sometimes. Faces that make me cry for other reasons. But everyday, faces that I can’t stop loving. Two little faces that are a privilege to love.


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  1. Tracey.. I absolutely love reading these, I can relate to so much of what you say having raised 4 boys. The craziness and all consuming aspects of those days when they were little. Now that they are grown I cannot believe how that time really was over in the blink of an eye. It really is an amazing privelege loving them.Every minute is so worth it !!!
    Much love always from your
    Aunty Sandy xxx

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