Guest bloggers!


I put out the call to a few multiples mums and here is what came back…

Chloe from Lilyfield, NSW, Mum of Viviane and Dylan 11 Months says:

I’ve got 5 mins at work free to write this up for you.

[The day we found out was the] strangest day of our lives. We were in for our 7 week scan – and all was looking good for bub number one. However, the sonographer wanted to have a “closer look” at something … so a quick trip to the toilet and a few minutes later “Congratulations.. you’re having twins!”.

Both my husband and I were silent for the rest of the appointment – and we both moved very quickly between shades of green and white.

Initially [I thought] Oh My Goodness – I am going to be HUUUUGE! Then – wow – that’s exciting…. then for the rest of the day – a major see saw of emotions from highs ( how exciting – two at once! We’ll have an instant family) to… lows (how on earth are we going to manage and afford two at once!?)

Life since then has been a continuing see saw of expectations. There are the lows and the very lows – feeding two babies at once isn’t nearly as easy as the hospital made out to be….. how can two babies cry so much and … I didn’t think we’d need this many nappies! To the more magical times – never realising how special twins are and how many comments and compliments you get while out walking with them, the joy of seeing them both laugh at each other for the first time, and realising very quickly that mums of twins are super heroes.

Samantha Ingram says:

The day we found out.. for my husband and I it wasn’t too much of a shock. We’d gone through IVF so we knew there was a very large chance that the two embryos we had put in would both still be there. We found out sooner than most, at 5 weeks. It was pretty cute, the ultrasound technician was trying to be all coy and not letting us see the screen. Then when she told us, “Looks like… two!”, my husband and I both nodded and smiled at each other. The technician looked a little disappointed that we weren’t more shocked!

We had done a lot of research before knowing we were pregnant, and although we had definitely factored in possibly having twins, it was still a bit of a readjustment. I think the feeling that overtook us was excitement. Two meant that we wouldn’t have to go through IVF anymore. Two meant I’d only have to go through pregnancy twice. I grew up with five siblings, so we were definitely having two because I wanted my kids to have siblings, same as I did. So it was great that we were getting everything done all at once.

So far, at eight months, almost everything we’ve encountered has been fairly expected. Like I said, before and while I was pregnant I did a lot of research. I read up on other people’s twin experiences so we weren’t going into this totally blind. I have yet to have more than a day or two where I feel like giving up, and every morning when I wake the girls up and see their smiling faces I think.. this is so worth it. Some of the things have been different though. A lot of the warnings we got from other parents “Oh, you just wait! It’s not as easy as you think! Blah, blah, blah..” we dismissed because, like new parents, we thought we could handle anything and that they were just babies. What on earth could babies throw at us that we couldn’t deal with!? A lot. I’ve learned to actually listen a little more intently when I’m getting advice from someone, unsolicited or not.

Mum of twins who shall as yet remain unnamed says (and I paraphrase):

OMG are you kidding me? My husband is going away, we’ve just started at multiple schools and I’m sick as a dog. I’m drowning. Ask me again in a few weeks.

OK so I may have chucked in some artistic license to that last one, who may I add, is a bit of a blogging and multiple mum inspiration to me (www.seanasmith.com She very graciously demonstrates the skill all of us mothers (multiples or not) need to have – the skill of saying ‘no’ or ‘not right now’. I included all these guest responses because they together make an accurate picture of the crazy,  the perfect, the ugly and the joyful life of mothering twins.

I may in future weeks have guest posts from one or two others, including one who is expecting triplets. I for one can’t wait to hear that one!! In the mean time, I love to hear other multiple stories so please leave a comment and an email address if you’d like to add your story.


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