Crystal ball


My husband and I were predicting our sons’ future occupations tonight. It was so funny I laughed until I cried. That kind of can’t breathe properly laughing. We totally must retell this story to them at their 21st parties.

I remain adamant that I knew the twins in utero. I knew which one was which and what their names would be and what kind of people they were.  I knew Twin 1 would come out first and I knew he’d be the quiet, thoughtful type. A little more emotional than his brother, but more thoughtful too, kind and gentle. I knew Twin 2 would be louder, more boisterous, the first one to break a bone, but an infectious sense of fun, a grin full of mischief and a heart full of love. My predictions so far have proved correct (except the broken bone part, but he has split his lip open and fallen off a table). They are both loving, beautiful, kind and smart. When one is crying often the other will go and hug him. They give each other things like teddies, drinks, and biscuits when it seems like there’s a need. They sit close together on their little toddler size couch in the play room. Often I’ll leave them playing in the back yard only to come back a few minutes later to find them sitting side by side on the edge of the garden, just hangin’.

The talented Mr 4, according to me, will go into some kind of leadership career. Perhaps teaching, perhaps a writer or storyteller of some kind. Maybe a journalist. My husband says maybe an architect or urban planner. Funny that both our careers are reflected in those predictions.

Twin 1. I said a job that hasn’t been invented yet. Some kind of IT start up maybe. Something that we will both find a bit hard to understand and explain to others. Andrew said maybe a trade and I added that if he did, he’ll invent some new niche, create a ground up business and work for himself. It will be ingenious and meticulously run.

Twin 2, I said, will bum around Byron during his twenties and teach surfing. Or maybe he’ll travel and be a ski instructor. Either way, he won’t consider university until his late twenties. He will spend the bulk of his time after high school travelling, working odd jobs and at some point, predicts Andrew, become a stand up comedian.

His brothers will be in the front row.


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