Phases past


My little Mr 4 is growing up. I got my first genuine teenager style eye roll today! It was in response to one of my jokes too, which gives it even more street cred. His latest word is magical. He uses it when he means cool or tricky or amazing. Example, Mummy, I did something magical! Look! And he walks up the stairs on his tippy toes. You are magical darling, every piece of you. He also refused to take his teddy to day care last week for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic because it wasn’t cool.

I think 4 has been my absolute favourite age so far. Zero to one I don’t mind (ish), once you get past the night feeds. I don’t mind admitting I am no fan of one to about two and a half, maybe three. But once they hit the toilet trained, can put on own pants and hold a semi logical conversation stage, I’m lovin it sisters. The talented Mr 4 is my best reminder that all things must pass, so I remind myself that he too was once pooing in his pants, drinking from a bottle, screaming with irrational fervour and demanding every minute of my attention. It’s definitely good to look back at what we have achieved together (my husband and I) and know that this too will pass.

So far we have made it through:

  1. Night feeding phase
  2. Spewing after every feed phase
  3. 10 nappies per day (each) phase
  4. Dribbly messy pureed baby food phase
  5. Can’t look away for a minute lest they fall off the couch/bed/chair phase
  6. Have to carry them everywhere because walking is just too random and unpredictable phase
  7. Head banging phase (pretty much)

We thought we were through the waking in the night screaming phase but twin 2 has an ace up his sleeve. He is flying the flag for screaming night wakers everywhere. We are torn between the ignore and let him cry himself to sleep strategy and the create another crutch and hope he grows out of it strategy. Trial and error I guess. I look in on my gorgeous, sleeping Mr 4 and remember, in 3, 6, maybe 9 months, this will be a memory, we’ll roll our eyes as we remember this time. I just hope the cuddling Mummy phase never ends.


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