Bits and pieces


I detest play dough. And blocks and jigsaw puzzles (the little kid type). And little kitchen sets with tiny cups, army sets with tiny soldiers and, well, anything tiny. I spend at least 50% of my waking hours searching for shoes, that other sock, the straw from the sippy cup, the starfish that goes with the sea animals set and the red thing that goes with the long thing that spiderman has on his car thing. Birthdays and Christmases come and so comes the mother load of gifts that look great in the packet, but are a callous on knees inducing nightmare for me. OK I’m a cranky kill joy. But I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes gathering up tiny bits of dried play dough that somehow made their way into Mr 4’s bed despite the strict rule that all things mushy be confined to the tiled kitchen floor.

We are lucky enough to have a downstairs playroom for the twins where the mayhem can be at least a little outta sight outta mind. But there are so many tiny little blocks and little men and little balls and little puzzle pieces and little shreds from books destroyed that they can barely access the floor. I go through that place like a drill sergeant and then get in trouble from my husband for taking away all the fun. My logic is that they can actually play if they have floor space instead of skewering their feet on every little step. Chaos and order, we are a match made in heaven.

I’m the opposite of a hoarder. I am about to admit a shameful mothering secret. I have thrown stuff out in a fit of get rid of this crap and clean this place up!!!…and known full well that Mr 4 will want it. How heartless am I? Mind you, I’m talking about a torn scrap of paper that came from a little toy from a little $2 machine 6 months ago, but to him, it’s gold, pure gold. He got a jigsaw out this afternoon that I thought he had long lost interest in. One that, I will admit, I have found the pieces of, under the couch, in a cleaning up frenzy and…well…I was just that bit too close to the bin. So let’s just say this afternoon’s jig saw had some gaps. Ooops. He has also asked me about a certain bit or piece in the past and I know that I just binned it two days ago. Gosh honey, I don’t know, let’s look for it…..mmmm…well I guess it’s lost mate. Sorry. Oh the shame!


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