Secret twin language?


I had to post this. I came across it while reading another twin blog Look around you now! I completely killed myself laughing and you will too. It’s also a great blog.

Watching this got me to wondering about the whole twin thing and whether there really is a secret language or special way of communicating. I would have to say with my boys it seems more like a brothers thing in general as our older boy has his own special way with his younger twin brothers also. I have this great video of the twins when they were 4 months old, which, if it’s true, is my greatest evidence of twin language in action. Since then, I could only say that they do seem to understand each other’s gibberish better than we do, and that 90% of the time they are very compassionate toward each other. That’s when they are not trying to rip a toy of of the other’s hands.

I think my twins are really, really different and so most of the time they are playing separately or doing their own thing. Little R likes to sit quietly and ‘read’ books, Mr S likes to throw and bang stuff. But there are lots of times when all is quiet in the play room, much too quiet, and I peek in there to find the two of  them sitting close side by side sharing some little project or looking at a book together. One will often hand the other his favourite teddy if he’s upset, or offer a kiss and a cuddle (which is sometimes met with a solid backhand). I love it when I find them going nuts in unison on the rocking horses.

So is it a twin thing? You decide!


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  1. This may be totally off topic, but I do know of one twin having chemo and the other twin losing their hair with the twin with cancer not. I believe that all twins have special bond regardless of identical or fraternal and it can manifest in a variety of ways.

  2. They understand each other better than we do them.
    Just an example: Lisa is the more talkative one (although they’re both chatty) and now very much ‘into’ language. The other day she was happily chatting away and picking something off the table going “tad a too ga ma e-mee nana aartje sna do” (sounds just an approximation here) and Esmee, who was sitting with her back to her sister, instantly reached up to her hair. Turned out that Lisa had picked a hair clip off the table and wanted to put it in Esmée’s hair to make a ponytail – ‘(st)aartje’ in Dutch. We didn’t catch that. Her sister did.
    There are more examples where they tell each other things that we’re completely missing. However the most dangerous time is when I can’t hear them at all. It’s usually when they’re raiding the dvd closet together, something they very well know they are not allowed to do. Hah!

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