Random acts so far…


I’m having a lot of fun with this. It’s hard to be original and avoid spending money, but it has been so nice just to think of him for a good part of the day and just devote time to doing something nice for him. I may have to repeat some things, or copy his but I think it is important not to put rules on it. And as I have tried to stress to my husband, simple is good! The random acts shouldn’t take a huge amount of time and definitely not large amounts of money. We have both spent some time working on a bit of a list and I gave him some help by way of some hints. But hey, it’s supposed to be fun not stressful. He is feeling the pressure now, 4 days in and tells me he may steal my ideas. I have no problem with this. Don’t we always give gifts that reflect what we ourselves would like to receive? So here’s what we came up with so far.

Day 1: We both came up with foot massages. Not original, but really nice!

Day 2: He came up with googling the sheet music to two of my favourite songs so we could have a bash together while he played guitar. Let’s hear it ladies! He forgot his lunch and his keys that day so I made a loving mercy dash to deliver them, three kids in tow! Yay for me!

Day 3: I got a little pot of gourmet ice-cream from the local deli (vanilla bean and candied ginger). Ginger is his favourite, so it went down a treat. I got a shoulder rub. Simple but soooooooo relaxing!

Day 4: I sent him nice text messages through the day. My aim was one per hour but the day was too busy. I managed 4 and they were very genuine and not soppy. He bought some new drinking glasses for us and cooked dinner.

It’s really great. Fun. And it changes the whole tone of every day. I look forward to making it a habit.


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