Ten things I love about you


1. I pick you up at night when you have woken from a bad dream. I hold you close and your breathing slows until it is a rhythmic, soft piece of music in my ear.

2. Your face lights up with pure joy and you run across the room to me, throwing yourself with force and complete abandon into my arms.

3. You tell stories, remember details, draw fantasies and create a kind of magic that I could never begin to even think of.

4. You are very angry with me, stormy eyes, pouty lips, mean words. But still you willingly come to my lap and your arms coil tightly around my neck as we cuddle and rock our way back to being friends.

5. You point with joy and a squeal at a car, a flower, a dog. Just the simple things.

6. You cannot settle until you have teddy snuggled in your arms.

7. You love to line things up, and your brother loves to throw things around.

8. Your body feels warm and living next to mine, if I didn’t feel that little body every day I would die.

9. You are growing up to be so kind, so helpful, such a lovely brother.

10. You are mine, all mine.


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