No backing out now


It’s the moment when I actually sign up and pay that I know I can’t back out. I have officially signed up for my second half marathon. On the 1st of July, I’ll run 21k for a few reasons.

1. I can. I have legs that work and good healthy lungs. So why not?

2. Last year I was stunned that my friends supported me to the tune of $1000 for the Smith Family, an Australian charity that helps disadvantaged kids access education. If I can do this and raise some money along the way, I should. This year, it’s Mummy’s Wish. A group who support mothers diagnosed with cancer who have children to care for. They do lovely work. There’s a Mum I know who would rather be able to get up and about with her kids, but can’t. At the moment. For the love of all Mummies who wish they could, but can’t, please help me raise some money that will be used with true heart. Here’s my fund raising web site address [click here ad give me some money!!!] Yes, $2000 is ambitious, but I think I can!

3. ummm….that’s pretty much all I’ve got. It hurts, it’s cold to get out and train and 21k is a freakin’ long way, but it’s so worth it in the end! Bit like parenting really!


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