La La Land


Heck, you know you’ve lost it when you leave for work for the day with the front door wide open and nobody notices. Is this how people leave a child behind at the shops? The old ‘I thought you had him’ scenario? Having been broken into 3 times at our last house, imagine my panic when we drove up the driveway and I saw the door wide open. I think I may have freaked the kids out with my ‘OH MY GOD THE DOOR’S OPEN!! I’M CALLING THE POLICE!!’ Slightly jumping the gun. My husband played the manly alpha male and went in to investigate with me nervously at the door yelling are you OK?  every 2 seconds. Amazingly, NOTHING was out of order. Either nobody took advantage of our lapse of reason, or we had a very polite burglar who tidied up after he ransacked. Bloody hell, I cannot believe we got away with that! We happen to have a very active neighbourhood watch program who put the fear of God into me every fortnight with their handy newsletter detailing the break ins of the month, addresses and all! They even include how the offenders got in and what was stolen. We seem to be in a reasonably active area. Poor little Mr 4, when we got back to the car, he said, did you think there was a monster in there? Oh dear, must remember to keep self calm in front of kids.

It’s the end of the week again, can’t believe there is only 3 weeks left in the term, which means 4 weeks until the half marathon. I am nowhere near as trained up as I was last year. It seems harder this year to train with the twins being almost 2. I am running much faster than I was last year, I recently finished an 8k race in 42 minutes, which is the fastest I have ever run over a longish distance. Keeping it up over 21k is a different story. Plus, I may be faster, but I am not training as often as last year. I would love to beat my time from 2011 (1:57:54) but I would be happy to keep it under two hours at this point. And not finish with bleeding feet. I’m excited but at the same time, my inner couch potato is protesting loudly at this turn of events. It isn’t usually my body that I have to fight to finish these things. It is always my head and it puts up a tough fight. Four weeks to go. Better get my ass into gear.


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