Join me and shout no more!


I just found this while procrastinating on the internet (is there any other purpose for it?). I’m going to challenge myself to learn some new behaviour, it is after all, what I do for a living and I should be able to practice wheat I preach. It starts on Monday 18th June so there’s plenty of time to sign up and join me!

28 Day Scream Free Challenge

This website also has other awesome articles with such titles as Get over motherood guilt and Why aren’t I a ‘born mum’?

Leave me a comment if you decide to join me and let me now how it goes!


About traceyegan

I live in Australia with my husband and three boys. I work outside the home with other people's kids and inside the home with my own kids. It's a world of kids. All views are my own and do not reflect that of my employer.

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