The truth about the hiatus


This blog has really dropped off in the past few months. It started because I got sick but then it continued because I got disorganised. I used to pride myself on my organisational abilities. It was one of those things I’d write about in job applications; I am an excellent time manager. I’ve turned into a pretty shit manager of time these days. I used to reply to your email in no more than two days and text replies would be within the hour. Now I find weeks old messages that have gone unnoticed and it horrifies me. I’m now that person about whom people say yeah she’s pretty crap at getting back to people. Not only this, I have also lost the will to organise any social event. Previously, if I had planned to have people over for dinner I’d have reviewed my recipe books, written a list and pottered about for a few hours preparing. Last weekend, with 4 adults coming over at 5, I headed to the supermarket at 4 and threw some corn chips in a bowl at 4:30. Noice.

I’ve had heaps of things I’ve wanted to write about in the past few months and they stay in my head no longer than the time it takes me to wipe another snotty nose. By the time I sit down to write, it’s all gone and all I can do is drool and stare at the blank screen like the recently lobotomised. I think I said earlier this year that we thought this year would be the hardest yet and by golly we were right. I keep reminding myself, thirty percent, as I fail to get through another day without yelling, fail to devote adequate play time to Mr almost 5, fail to ensure a single vegetable passes their lips, fail to avoid the television as a backup parent and fail to not tell myself of all my failings.

Despite my disorganisation and failings, it seems that people still read my blog even on days when I don’t post. I am immensely curious (and chuffed) about this and would love to know more about people who read this, especially those who don’t know me and those who are from far flung places (ie not Australia). In the past 30 days, I’ve had visitors from Croatia, Poland, Lebanon, Spain, Russia and the Philippines. Unless these are all the places where the spam comes from…If you are reading and you are real and you have a minute, please write me a quick comment to tell me where you are from and maybe how you came across this blog. I’d love to hear who you are and why you read!


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  1. Too many ‘fails’ in this post me thinks……..don’t forget the many achievements of getting through even just one day miss Tracey. Miss you xx

  2. Enjoying and empathizing from East Northport, NY. This mom of 17 month old twin girls always feels better after reading your thoughts.
    Thank you for being so brave and honest. It makes me feel better to know there is another mom who would understand how beautiful but how hard it is to care for twins.
    Warmest regards,

    • Thanks Heather. And thanks for reading, it has been great to ‘virtually’ meet many mums of twinnies from all sorts of places here at this blog 🙂 hang in there! 17 months for me was when we really hit the accelerator, but I pinkie promise it actually does get easier. I used to roll my eyes when I heard that and here I am saying it!

  3. I am aussiegnu from Brisvegas and I am the grandfather of twins. I read your blog because it is real and reveals to me some of the things my daughter coped with that I was completely unaware of. My twins are now 13 and are lovely, my daughter is quite sane as she meanders through life, In the moment, the journey sometimes seems hard, even impossible, but as you stumble along the road others love for you and your love for your family has a wonderful transformational glow about it. Keep loving – even when that love seems to take on some strange forms. Grace and Peace to you and your family

  4. I’m Murray from Brisbane, and I read it not just because you’re my friend, but because I love understanding human experiences – especially ones like this that I’m not going to experience it myself. It helps me understand not just about you, or twins, but also parenting in general. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am D from Perth. I have just discovered your blog (well blogs in general really). I am a mother of an 18 month old girl and a 3 month old boy and have found blog reading in the last couple of months is keeping me sane. I like your blog in particular because it has a strong sense of honesty and social justice running through it.

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