Cool activities for two year olds


As guest bloggers today, we, the twins, have devised our own guide to enjoying a lazy saturday at home. Sometimes Mum and Dad are just, well, boring, and we find ourselves needing to make our own fun. We have included our favourite past times, some old classics and some new discoveries that will keep your toddlers entertained for hours! Enjoy, my little brothers in crime.

1. Walk round with a bucket on your head. Try it! It’s great! Especially good is the acoustic and sensory pleasures of bumping into brick walls on purpose.

2. Finger painting with poo! It’s totally old school but a guaranteed hit. Once the fun is over (ie Mum has discovered you), you can relive the happy memories by simply sniffing your fingers, which will retain poo under the nails for days to come.

3. Try a little home (re)decorating. Our tip for how to spruce up your outdoor area is to completely strip the garden of all flowers and place them artfully over your outdoor dining table. Here is a photo of our efforts of a few weeks ago.

4. Gardening! It’s one of our favourite ways to spice up a mundane weekend. Here’s how to get the most out of your gardening experience. First, break the door of the compost bin. Get that good stuff out and throw it around a bit. Hide in the shrubbery (as seen below) and trample on all the plants while trying to find your way out. Once you’ve completed these tasks, find a bush that has something on it that looks like you might be able to eat it, and eat all of them. You’ll feel really sick later, but seeing as we toddlers cannot link cause and effect, what matters is the here and now. Later will take care of itself.


5. Get your gear off. We thought about posting a photo of this, but well, y’know…the internet, kids, nakedness….the three just don’t go together. But seriously brothers, get those pants off! There is nothing quite as exhilarating as running free and free ballin’ it round the backyard. Note: It’s also pretty interesting because you discover that your bottom and willy can make stuff.

6. Right, drains. They are the toddler’s best friend! You can pretty much fit anything down there, and if it doesn’t fit you can always break it so it does. Scour the whole back yard and stuff everything you find in the drains. An added bonus of this activity is that eventually, you’ll also get what’s called overflow, which means your work in the drains is done and you can now enjoy the resulting swimming pond and mud lake you’ve created.

7. We often find that throwing stuff over the fence can be quite satisfying. Unless you are on a corner block, or you live out bush, you may have three fences to choose from, the back and each side. Choose the one with the cranky neighbour, it makes it extra fun for when your Mum and Dad have to try and get your stuff back. Mind you, a warning brothers, if your Mum has had it with this game, you may actually lose your stuff forever, which kind of sucks. Again though, we don’t think things through so enjoy the moment.

8. One of our favourite games at the moment is what we like to call round and round. It’s actually pretty simple. Run round and round. And round, and round, and round and round. You can throw in a bit of spinning round and round but that often results in us falling over, so take care brothers, this game can get risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

9. Chase birds. It’s awesome.

10.  When outside antics have run their course, there is always TV. But make sure that you watch the same episode of the same show at least 50 times per day. Your parents will LOVE it.


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