Dear Ms Lamens’ kids: Teachers are like parents


Your wonderful teacher told me you read part of my blog while you were studying the relationship between parents and their kids. I wanted to write a special post just for you to thank you for reading, tell you how brilliant your teacher is (and you better do as she says or I’ll come over there and kick your asses) and tell you a little bit about how teachers are just like parents. Your teacher is very intelligent, wise and loyal. She’s got your back I’ll bet. I know how hard she works. You are lucky to have her. I must say am nervous as a long tailed cat in a room of rocking chairs (just for you Jeano) that she is reading this as our friendship will mean nothing if grammatical errors are involved. So I will be on my best behaviour.

Teachers are like parents because on the one hand they love you and on the other hand they can’t stand you. They get up every morning, knowing that they will have to deal with the same inane shit you have been carrying on with for years (and those who went before you), smile while doing it, and make you feel like they think it’s important. On the outside they’re saying yeah that’s really sad for you, I am really understanding and supportive of your personal crisis, while inside they’re saying you’ll be over this by next week and on to the next massive drama so please let me know if I really have to care at this point.

Teachers are like parents in that they have to enforce the rules, but secretly wish they could just cut loose and let the whole place turn feral. The only reason I care that my kids’ food ends up in their mouths instead of on the walls is that when other people come over it’s kind of gross to have two week old dried cornflakes stuck to the couch. The rest of the time who cares? As teachers we secretly wish we could just let the lot of you do whatever the hell you wanted and teach the ones who are interested. As parents we wish we could just let you wear mud, fight each other and poo outside. But those damn social norms get in the way.

Teachers are like parents because they could be doing something more glamorous, that pays better, but they are there with you every day. Because they want to be. Because your humour, your creativity, your sass and your fearlessness inspire and sustain them every day. Because they think there’s nothing quite like watching your mind open up to embrace the world. Teachers are like parents because they feel like what they do means something, that when they go to sleep at night they feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Teachers are like parents because you make us cry. You make us laugh. You make us try really hard to be better.

Lastly, teachers are like parents because they know there’s gold in you. No matter that you may suck the life out of us with your illogical, frustrating, demanding, emotional and slow growing up, teachers know there’s gold and they know how to get it out.


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  1. You’re so rude and sensitive at the same time! Thanks for this. I love it! Especially, because you called me intelligent AND wise! (What happened to pretty, though?)
    Hope my students are reading this. If not, I’ll need to have stern word with them on Friday! Again!

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