Quit your bitching and get on with it


This was supposed to be my New Year post. It’s a bit late. I always think a lot about new year’s resolutions, but this year I had more of a list of hopes and dreams for the year. 2013 is the year that I get on with my life, stop whining about how hard it is to raise twins and just live, be a family, without fear of mess, disaster, tantrums and poo painting. Here are my hopes for the year.

1. Be a nappy free household. I cannot wait to be living in a house full of people who are responsible for their own excrement. At the same time though, I fear starting toilet training. I am kind of hoping they’ll just figure it out for themselves without me having to actually train them. Please?

2. Eat out together. See my post on kids in cafes. Our first attempt was exciting to say the least. As long as I go along not expecting to have a leisurely breakfast (we were in and out within 45 minutes), I can certainly handle it. It was, I may as well say, FUN!

3. Go away on holidays together. We have not had any weekends away together as a whole family. We have had a couple of holidays with my parents and other family, but I am looking forward to just having weekends at the coast like normal people.I am not ready to fly yet, the trauma of our last attempt is still too raw, even a year on. Our first shot will be this weekend when we all head to the Goldie for two nights. We have even booked ahead for a three day Easter break. I am cautiously excited.

4. Remove the toddler gates. I am looking forward to walking freely through my house without having to hold three dinner plates under my chin whilst I open the child and adult and in fact human proof bloody gates that contain our existence. Two of three have already gone, but I am unwilling to open the flood gates of curiosity that are contained within the kitchen cabinets so the kitchen toddler gate will remain in place for a while yet.

5. Go out with my husband very regularly. We were doing well at this until 2012 reared it’s ugly head. We really pulled back last year because things were just a bit unpredictable and we were also so tired all the time. This year I want a date every two weeks.

6. Run better, faster and more often. So far so good. I have never run so often and so fast as I have this month. It feels great and I feel like there’s another half marathon in me. Maybe.

7. Be happy. I’ve spent a fair bit of time feeling sad, frustrated, crazy, lost and not myself. This year I am looking forward to getting back to being lighter in my spirit, taking more on the chin and looking more intently at the faces of my boys, for much longer.

I wanted a nice, neat list of ten. I think if I can achieve all this in a year, it will be a good year. This time last year I was girding my loins for a year of testing. I celebrate making it though without a breakdown, a walk out or a divorce. This year, we will live.


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