All day, all the way


I documented my day last Wednesday in a blow by messy blow account including photos. It was eye opening.




Awake before the kids. 11 hours in bed last night due to complete exhaustion. Feel better for it. Girding my loins for 13 hours with the kids by myself.



First kid wakes. It’s Dad’s birthday! Mr 5 always gives us some of his toys for our birthdays. So cute. This year Dad goes to the dark side.




Dressed for the day. Need my superpowers today.


I have entered the irrational zone already. Threatening to throw out toys I find lying around. May scar children for life. Mr 5 reminds me that I should be happy on Daddy’s birthday.



TV is on. No other way to contain kids long enough so that I can eat breakfast. Heart beginning to sink. Already the house is a cacophony in my ears. Failing twin 2 at toilet training because I don’t want to chase him around in case of accidents while also chasing the other two around. Nappy goes on. Fail.


A moment of quiet. Breakfast and a very quick coffee.


Husband leaves for the day. Sinking feeling in my guts. We take a moment for a cuddle and apologies for the morning’s harsh words. The intensity makes us both irrational. Sadness when he closes the door behind him. Eating, quick.



Laundry in, more laundry on, kitchen cleaned up, teeth done, playroom sorted…sort of. TV off and play attempt begins.


Another reminder from Mr 5. Have you got your smile on Mummy? Obviously not.


Is it really only 8:20am? I am PRAYING that the trampoline gets delivered today.


Twins locked me out of the house. Maybe I’ll just stay out here.


Twins let me back in. Huh, who woulda thought. They learnt something.




Fights over how to build a zoo with blocks and plastic animals. Massive pile of laundry.


A text from a friend ‘you can do it’. Goodness, that’s timely. She’s been there and feels my pain.


Wow, almost a whole hour of blocks, books and whinging. It’s like any one of them (us) is on the edge of emotional turmoil and could go feral at any given moment. No trampoline yet.


Twenty minutes until reinforcements arrive. Time to get morning tea ready. This is one area I’ll claim as successful. My kids eat loads of fruit.


Is it time yet? About 15 minutes to go and I’ll escape for an hour to do a weekly radio segment on parenting. This week’s topic – surviving holidays. Ha.




Morning tea. Food and TV. The only times they are quiet. I am about to go out looking feral. Red eyes from recovering conjunctivitis, dreadful hair and splotchy skin. Lucky it’s radio, I sure do have the face for it!








Waiting in the Green Room for ABC612 segment. Feel like a human.


Home again. Here we go for the long stretch.



We have made it to lunchtime. But not without several trips to time out for throwing colouring in pencils all over the yard, throwing one’s drink cup over the fence, tipping one’s drink into the pencil case and throwing one’s replacement drink cup over the fence. We have 2 out of 3 who have eaten lunch. Some kids live on air.


Only 6 hours and 29 minutes until bedtime.


Sandwich abandoned. Sandwich thrown on grass. Sandwich rescued. Sandwich now being eaten.




Sandwich abandoned again.




I have given up on sandwich enforcement. He is obsessed with watching the cleaner use the vacuum cleaner.


TV back on. Wind down for rest time in 30 minutes. I can make it! Temper is holding well.




Rest time. The best time. Rest wins over laundry, online groceries and eating.


Twins still asleep. Why poke the bear? A few more quiet minutes for me and Mr 5.


Twins awake. Mental note: DO NOT flush toilet during rest time.


Home stretch. Off to a fenced park to blow off energy.




Milton Train park. Fenced goodness. All that is missing is a dirty big flat white.




Approaching storm ends park trip early. Damn, I was hoping to hang out here until 5 and then get stuck in traffic.


After a getting out of the car tantrum and ensuing shout fest from me, Mr 5 again reminds me to put my smile on. I do, along with the TV. That’s 1.5 hours of TV today. I thought it would be worse.




Dinner prep time. Martha Stewart I am not. Time to warm some crap up. I am starving as I eat very little on days like this due to lack of time. I’ve thrown on a few chicken pops for myself too.


One hour until bed. I ache all over. Inside too. Need quiet. Need bed. Need to fold the laundry and finish online groceries.


TV off. Time for the dinner fight. Dinner actually goes pretty well. Wonders never cease.




Forgot about filing the bath and bubbles went WAY overboard. Kids loved it. I know I will be too tired to write this post up tonight. I feel grotty. smelly, greasy. Yuk.


Things turn on a dime around here. Or I do anyway. Putting on PJs tantrum led to more shouting from me. Now feeling extra-ultra crappy. I have zero tolerance left and my kids pay the price. Mr 5 tries the put on your smile thing and the I love you thing but both fail. My head, heart, body and mind all ache. I want a dark hole.

TV is back on for the Night Garden. Don’t ask me why they love it but they do. I have added up that they’ve seen 2 hours and 50 minutes of TV today and I am shocked and disgusted. Another thing to feel guilty about. Still, I suppose I could say that in a 12.5 hour day that’s 9 hours and 40 minutes that they didn’t watch TV.


Book time. Or rather, fight about books time. Mr 5 does his valiant best to ‘read’ to his brothers. He loves it. If only they were on board.


Kids in bed. Husband home. I am shattered.


5 responses »

  1. Wow!
    If I were you I would be very impressed with myself. Many others don’t quite realize what an accomplishment it is just to keep small children alive and well each day. It’s so far from easy and can be very lonesome.

    Your Green Lantern shirt is awesome 🙂

  2. I have 15-month old twins and this really struck a chord with me – I’ve lost count of the number of days when I was just counting down the hours to their bedtime, sometimes from 6am even.

    • Hi Cynthia, I feel your pain! I found 15 months and onward very difficult. But I honestly promise, it gets better. But the days can be sooooooo long and tedious.

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