I thought I’d blog about having twins way back when I found out I was expecting two for the price of one. At that time, I barely came up for air so, I started writing when the twins were about to hit 18 months, I thought it was as good a time as any. I’ve tried to be really honest about the journey, warts, farts and all.

Passing Phase is a reference to a mantra that has got me through some of the tough times. Every time one of my boys does something repetitive, dangerous, annoying, high maintenance or exhausting, I remind myself…this too will pass. One day, this won’t be so hard.

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  1. as a mumma to one 3yr boy, i look forward to hearing of the antics of these impressive & exhausting tribe members……. write away, my friend.

  2. How did I only just find out about this blog? I’v got 10 mo b/g twins… and most of your posts – I could have written! (If I had the energy!). If one more person comments “ooh – double trouble” as I try and negotiate the pram through the shops after 4 hours sleep – I may just slap em. Oh yeah – and apparently it does get easier….!

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