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Alcohol and me




It’s not a new year’s resolution. It is not a Dry January nor a detox nor a diet. It’s no post-40 turning of a new leaf. I simply need to know that I can. I have been drinking a glass or two of wine every day of my life for several years running. Mr 6 recently drew a picture of me with my female friends and we were all sitting around a table with glasses of wine. Clearly, it’s time to scale it back. My inner critic has been whispering furiously all this while. Am I…? Inspired in part by fear and in part by my brother-in-law who has had a month long medically induced alcohol ban and has lost 6 kg in the blink of an eye, I have set about a radical overhaul of my drinking habits. I absolutely love wine and wine loves me so I will not be going fully dry. Life is far too short and I’d become an insufferable bore. I’ve set myself two rules to follow until at least the 31st of January. Rule number 1: I can only drink at social events outside my house. Rule number two: I cannot drink two nights in a row. Given the critical blow that young children have inflicted upon my social life, I don’t think there’ll be much drinking.

We (mothers of the young) are the new face of alcoholism. We are the “Oblivion Drinkers” – mums who also work outside the home (or don’t) and self medicate with a glass or two of wine to help the stress of the day get sorted. Google mothers and alcohol and you’ll disappear into a worm hole of writings about how we’re all getting mildly or madly juiced up in the evening day after day and not noticing a habit creeping up on us. We pour with automaticity while chopping the carrots, with dinner and again once the little darlings are finally quiet, having fallen into sleep at last. We sigh and collapse, we deserve this. I could be the poster girl for a generation of Sauv Blanc Mums.

I don’t have a drinking problem. I’m also pretty keen not to get one. I want to continue my love affair with wine for joy, not for survival. So I am just over a week into my new rules. This first week included New Year’s Eve, which was of course an exception. One night of wine consumption  though (as opposed to seven or eight) is a win in my view. I’m giddy to report that apart from self congratulatory day counting, I haven’t missed it. My skin in clearer (related?) and so is my head. Wish me luck!


Let’s count ’em


After that awfully bleak post yesterday, I have spent the day thinking about all the things I wake up in the morning and feel grateful for. That was while I was supposed to be paying attention to the all freaking day meeting I was in.

Number one, and I do actually think about this regularly. I wake up every day without cancer. Every day! What an awesome reason to be thankful. Health is everything, and one of those things that you don’t fully value until you’ve had it threatened. Or seen someone else’s threatened.

Number two. I am not doing this alone. My husband has a former colleague with twins whose relationship ended in the first year. Every day I wake up with a partner in chaos beside me. I don’t just love him, I actually really like him.

Three, my boys don’t really fight. Of all the noise and madness we have to handle on a minute by minute basis, fighting is not really one of them. OK pessimists, it may be yet to come but I’ll take what I can get. Apart from the occasional, he stepped on my toe scream and enthusiastic headlock, they play so beautifully together and find each other to be the funniest guys on the planet.

Four. I’ve had the privilege of education. It’s given me an open mind and a fulfilling job. Another reason to get up grateful.

Five. My boys are beautiful. The cutest things ever.

There’s more, but I don’t want to get gushy on your asses.